Philippe Charles Jacquet

French Artist (1953)

Viewing a Philippe Charles Jacquet painting is like entering a visual poem, drifting straight into a dream. Cool subdued colors usher the viewer into a peaceful world of a seemingly infinite stillness that stretches across sparse seascapes. Within these environments, the isolation of the artist’s subject matter – whether they be lighthouses, boats, or homes – provides a minimalist attitude to his compositions that borderline the surreal.

Born in Paris in 1957, Jacquet was originally trained in architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. However, having become self-taught as a painter, he changed the direction of his career for fine art and now lives and works in Pantin, a suburb north of Paris, where he runs an exhibition hall. ARCProspect Foundation has selected Jacquet for the supernatural and poetic quality of his compositions.