Monument Museum of American Indigenous Cultures

Monument Museum of American Indigenous Cultures

Spirituality rooted in Native American cultures was chosen as the basis of the future Monument because it is the heart of the Native people, the last unexplored and unconquerable territory of the New World. It is a place that no one can own, but that everyone can experience…

The future of Indigenous Cultures are primarily depends on every one of us, their spiritual energy, their creative power, and their Indigenous consciousness. Nature is the foundation of the life of the Indigenous people while spiritual cultures are the structure of their being. Preserving cultures is as natural and necessary as preserving nature. Therefore, through our Monument Museum the nature and the spiritual cultures of the Native American people will be elevated to an unprecedented level and presented in the light of the American Indigenous  Spirit.

Man - Does he know who he is?

What do we know about ourselves?

Do we know what we are, who we are, how we find ourselves in the world, what we live for? Today, we know more about the world and the cosmos than about ourselves. All spheres of cognition have been interested in man for millenniums. Art and literature, philosophy and metaphysics, religion and science have made great contributions to the library of the knowledge of man. This shows that man is a very special kind of being in the world.

We are told that modern science will resolve all the riddles and existing obstacles of man. Have there been any achievements that have brought full understanding to man’s nature through the basis of phenomena known by scientific methods? Is there any hope that this understandings will point to the false antinomy between revelation and reason, faith and knowledge, grace and nature, good and evil, courage and anxiety of man? Is any other approach legitimate?

We journey on a new quest for the rediscovery of man. It endeavors to show that there is no possibility of achieving an understanding of man’s total nature on the basis of phenomena known by science, philosophy, and religion. Man will remain the greatest mystery in the world now and forever. However, this project will nonetheless establish an effort to define man’s search for the essence of being in order that he may find his life purpose and goals.

Finding the talented child


Childhood is the period of formation of abilities and development of human personality. This is the time of deep integrative processes. The giftedness of a child is often manifested in successful activities that have a spontaneous, amateur character. Giftedness in the childhood can be considered as a potential for the mental, intellectual and spiritual development of the future human being.

The purpose of the program is to search for and identify the talented children and adolescents in private schools.

Program objectives:
Creation of the conditions for self-realization and development of the child’s creative potential;
Expanding the possibilities of the creative educational environment of schools to work with gifted children.

The New Serbian Cultural Center

“Our cultural heritage institutions are mission-driven and our primary purpose is to support and promote Serbian culture, art, history and orthodox faith.”  – V. Rev. Dr. Darko Spasojevic

In the creation of the new Serbian Cultural Center we considered the following important reasons:

  1. Demand for cultural programs, visual and performing arts, importance of Slavic literature, orthodox faith, and exposition of true Serbian history to the young and coming generations.
  2. Demand for preschool, kindergarten and school spaces, including space for physical wellness, health, and sports activities.
  3. Demand for various types of cultural space, including performance, art exhibition, art studio, and music studios.
  4. The size, condition, function, quality, and opportunities of existing infrastructure cannot fulfill the needs and demands of the Serbian community.
  5. The goals and priorities of the Serbian community are education, connection to Serbian and Slavic culture, arts, literature, history, and Orthodox faith.

These issues were explored through open dialogue, interviews, and visual orientations of the majority of the Serbian people.

The ARCprospect Spiritual Center of Art & Culture

We are in the process of raising money for the ARCPROSPECT Spiritual Center in a region where the outskirts of civilization meet countryside. The center will have a delightful unification of as an art gallery, a cultural gathering, and a house for spiritual practice and meditation . It will embrace all of these with an open-ended program and much more.

The 9,000 square-foot gallery with transcendent interior design, will offer a space for observation of art and nature. The building will be surrounded by many acres of beautiful gardens.

In addition, a 600 square-foot temple, the place with a sacred approach will create a new, invigorating atmosphere for spiritual healing,  payer, purification of mind and meditation. It will take influence from early Christians and Oriental monastic asceticism that upholds beauty and simplicity.

Every aspect of the Center aims to inspire peace, compassion, and meditation in its visitors.

By setting itself apart from city life, the Center will act as a getaway from the vain and hectic life of the world and serve as a spiritual refuge. To invite and maintain this spirit, the Center will hold dialogues, art exhibitions, concerts of ancient music, and many other things.

The place shall speak to the soul. The bare essence of structure, garden, and the interior atmosphere are also meant to facilitate quiet contemplation, remembrance, and most of all, the ethereal beauty of silence.

Our design orients upwards, beyond the physical structure. It shall be mystical and poetic and this means that the structure will lose some of its physicality, even if that physical presence is striking in its own right. Water and light will be used as fundamental elements, as powerful symbols and metaphors for teaching, as it is for the idea of purification and enlightenment used in Buddhism, Taoism,  Christianity and Islam.

Is technology confronting human culture?

PURPOSE OF  THE  PROJECT:    The ARC Prospect International Foundation is seeking a grant of $40,000  to conduct a three-year of philosophical and scientific research on the account of the complete discovery of truth of such an important topic. ARC Prospect’s mission is to provide and facilitate access to objective, accurate, scientifically, and philosophically tested information about technology and related issues that are already affecting the core of human life, including man’s lifestyle, physical and mental health, freedom, and human spiritual culture. This Project is encouraging and calling for the execution of scientific and philosophical research on the highest scale that will expose all the concealed issues and problems of science and technology that are confronting and affecting man and human culture in a very radical manner. We have urgent concern that our rapidly rising technological civilization will destroy the spiritual culture of man and take control of the human mind, will, mentality, and life in the very near future. We also have concern that human cultures will be vanished, as mankind will fall under the totalitarian dictatorship of technologies – at which point, man as a spiritual being may not survive.

Therefore, the goal of this project is to bring this awareness through scientific research and studies, philosophical and religious analyses, past knowledge and experience, inter-fields dialogue, and a philosophical forum in which people can ask questions and share their ideas. For the sake of preserving the spiritual culture and creative development of man, we seek collaboration with people of all important fields who are intelligently and spiritually invested in this matter.

The broking bridge between four spheres of creativeness.

The arts, religion, philosophy and science as spheres of human creativeness had intimate intellectual and spiritual relationships with one another for millenniums. The imagination, the way of perception, the cognition of the world, and the creative act itself were always in unity, while each still maintaining their distinctive language.

At the start of the 20th century, as one of those spheres began to dominate over the others, it slowly drifted away from each other, until by the 21st century its distance from them became vast. Many people today hold an assumption that the scientific view of the world should be the foundation for all knowledge and spheres of human creativeness. Therefore, philosophy, religion, and art had lost their respectful status in our society. 

The emerging radical scientific materialism promotes this vision, which results in nihilism, materialism, atheism, and reductionism. Each of these generate a potential impoverishment of the way man sees himself and makes our society unhealthy spiritually, psychologically, and even physically.
This phenomenon requires very thoughtful investigation. The balance and harmony between these four spheres must be restored, and the bridge of connection and creative collaborations must be established.

Our Foundation invites professors and students, artists and writers and religious leaders to collaborate in a series of annual projects involving several universities from the US, Europe, and Asia. Each year, the results of these collaborations will be presented in the form of exhibitions, interviews, debates and will be published for observation and  further  studies for international audience.

Project: The origin of evil

The origin of evil is an ancient theme that has disturbed man’s mind throughout history. Thousands of works of research in the fields of philosophy, theology, literature and science were devoted to the study of this problem. Theater, music, painting, and sculpture delivered great additions to this important topic as well.
Therefore, we in our research come with the object to analyze existing scientific theories, philosophical and religious concepts and believes of the “origin of evil.” Different views of the subject can be include in this project:

-evil as chaos,
-evil as a source of falsehood,
-evil as negative energy,
-evil as a distortion,
-evil as a perversion of human nature and the mind,
-evil as spiritual and intellectual ignorance,
-evil as inner darkness,
-evil as the struggle for survival and existence, etc.

In our research, we welcome the religious perspectives including the perspectives of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and other religions.

Is the Reality of Evil and Evil  Problem as  human choice?
Every man, whether he is an atheist, Hindu, Christian or a Buddhist, artist or scientist feels the burden of suffering and the terror of evil.
It is useless to deny the reality of evil, even if one refuses to believe it. Its existence cannot be doubted; however, the battle against evil can easily acquire the character of evil and consequently create more evil. Radical enemies of evil themselves become evil. This is the paradox of fighting evil.

We are outraged by the suffering and death of innocent people, the foolishness of war, mass repression, totalitarian regimes, and natural disasters. Wrong choices, disinformation, misinformation, falsified information, and political propaganda have become the legal right to commit evil.
Resolving the problem of evil is one of the most pressing issues of human life.

The Purpose of Research
1. To create a compilation of comprehensive, universal, and multidimensional research on the reason of the origin of evil, which has never been done before.
2. To understand why Evil continues to grow in the world and how to prevent it.
3. To understand why there is a rapid growth of mental illnesses and suicides and how to heal those who are affected by them.
4. To prevent man from degradation and destruction, not as a biological species, but as a human personality.

Why the Project is Important
1. The theoretical significance of the study of this topic is to contribute new knowledge to the fields of philosophy, psychology, religion, and culture.
2. The practical significance of the research consists in the fact that the results of this study will be able to completely change the structure of the scientific, philosophical, and religious worldview, and therefore the thinking, behavior, and life of man and society. The research will be able to determine a new understanding of the relationship between evil and those who are obsessed with it, as well as to discover new methods of healing and liberation from evil.
3. Research of the topic will connect the outlooks of science, philosophy and religion together in rich dialogue.