Our Foundation provided the architectural design in support of the Serbian heritage including the education in Serbian culture, art, history and orthodox faith.


The greater regional pressures and real interest in the new type of education, culture, arts comes new demands among Serbian Community:

  1. Demand for cultural programs, visual and performing arts, importance of Slavic literature, orthodox faith, and exposition of true Serbian history to the young and coming generations.
  2. Demand for preschool, kindergarten and school spaces, including space for physical wellness, health, and sports activities.
  3. Demand for various types of cultural space, including performance, art exhibition, art studio, and music studios. Creative people are seeking progressive places where they can work, perform, exhibit, gather, and collaborate.
  4. The size, condition, function, quality, and opportunities of existing infrastructure cannot fulfill the needs and demands of the Serbian community.
  5. The goals and priorities of the Serbian community are education, connection to Serbian and Slavic culture, arts, literature, history, and Orthodox faith.

These issues were explored through open dialogue, interviews, and visual orientations of the majority of the Serbian people.

The aim of Serbian Cultural Center is to create a cultural platform that will attract talented individuals among people of the Serbian and Slavic communities. This platform will be established for creative, spiritual, and intellectual work, for spiritual research and cognition, for artistic development and performances, for young artist’s workshops and exhibitions, for literature and poetry, for music and dance, for physical and psychological health, and for athletic work. All people from a very young age up to old years old will be welcome here.