The main purpose of the ARCPROSPECT Journal is to gather a wide diversity of interesting participants in our project who represent the spiritual and creative world and importance, uniqueness, value and longevity of the sacred and spiritual life, cultural traditions, worldviews, and artistic visions. We invite them to jointly explore the existential process of discovery with their contributions.


This project is widely interdisciplinary and strongly encourages different forms of positive interaction between a broad range of beliefs, perspectives, lifestyles, and worldviews. Through this project, The ARC Prospect Journal intends to offer a genuine space for interaction, where different points of view can complement and improve each other through authentic dialogue and the sharing of experiences related with a wide range of topics…


The art of living operates as a space for encounter and dialogue concerning the achievement of a more fulfilled life. It represents an enthusiastic invitation to an existential process of awakening, which implies a progressive discovery of deeper levels of reality and the self, where the profound purpose of existence ultimately lies. This personal transformation towards a more meaningful life, which implies the capacity to connect with the self, others and the creation with a lucid awareness of their ultimate value, is a multi-stage existential process, whose first step can be called Awakening. Because we are all in deep need of awakening from different kinds of illusions and existential dreams, we strongly believe that such a transformation is not achieved alone but with others, through dialogue and the sharing of experiences. Therefore, through The ARC Prospect Journal we joyfully invite you all to take part on this process and join the common pursuit of a more profound, purposeful, and fulfilled life.


“That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.” John 1:9
What is this Light? What is spiritual? And what is enlightenment? Who is qualified to answer these and other important questions?


Our dedicated partners and friends joined ARCPROSPECT International Foundation with a philanthropic intention. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and they bring exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience to our Foundation projects.