Safet Zec

Bosnian, born 1943

Zec is an internationally recognized painter. His artwork is exhibited in galleries all over Europe, North and South America, and Japan.

His work is characterized as a perception of the memory of the dark and difficult times of his homeland. In his paintings, we discover a skillful combination of many characters and personages. While his paintings are filled with tragic and gloomy colors and show us pain, death, and suffering, they also tell us about the opposition of light and darkness, beauty and ugliness, and spirituality and immorality. They are a formidable warning to humanity that the source of evil lives within the human heart and can lead us down the path of genocide and self-destruction. However, they also show us what Zec believed everyone should remember: no matter how much pain, fear, and darkness is around us, goodness, reason, and life will win.