Arcprospect Fellowship Program

Arcprospect Fellowship Program

Realizing the potential of creative vision the ARCPROSPECT Foundation, in collaboration with many University departments, offers three fellowship opportunities for both senior undergraduate and graduate students. This programs are designed to support the most creative individuals, who demonstrate great promise in the following disciplines:

 – Creative Fellowships in Painting, Drawings, Sculpture Film/Video.

– Creative Fellowship in Research: Art, Literature, Philosophy and Religion.

– Creative Fellowship in our Selective Programs.

Creative Fellowships are granted to establish and emerge the artist’s power to speak through art and expand their voices through the development of new works or completing projects that in motion.

Applications for the Institute Fellows program for 2022-2023 will open in April 2022.  Fellowships will be announced in June or earlier.


Support us through the Membership

By joining the Membership Program, you provide invaluable support to the people and programs that bring success for ARCPROSPECT in promoting and protecting the world’s cultural and artistic legacy. You will engage with others who believe that the arts and cultures transcend barriers and inspire peace, compassion, and veneration of life.

ARCPROSPECT offers the following multiple Categories of Membership and Benefits to its members:

What we fund

Your participation makes our projects to succeed

The Indigenous Cultures

Your contribution to support our Indigenous projects and programs will enhance the lives and creativity of Indigenous people and foster collective and sustainable growth among Indigenous communities across North America and the world.

The ARCProspect Center of Art and Spiritual Culture

The Center will have a delightful unification of an art gallery, a cultural gathering, and a house for spiritual practice and meditation. Every aspect of the Center aims to inspire peace, compassion, and meditation in its visitors.

Art Exhibitions

Your membership will spark the diverse of creative expression and enhance the creative capacity of our artists and engage broad audiences.

The Seeker of Spiritual Awakening

ARCProspect Foundation is dedicated to awakening a human consciousness, and inspiring the individual transformation and the art of spiritual living.


You support the architectural projects that will become a subject of great importance for the diaspora, as well as for the life, activities and culture of the community.


Together with Indigenous people we are seek an opportunity to change the paradigm of nature conservation to one in which the holistic view of nature that’s imbued with Indigenous and spiritual value.

Volunteer at ARCPROSPECT

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of our Foundation activities and programming. The volunteers ranging age of 16 to 70 can contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways at our Foundation. Students (high school and college) are also welcome to volunteer at The ARCPROSPECT for the approved course credit or scholarship requirements or professional experience. Areas of opportunity include research, education, marketing, operations, workshop, events, and more. The volunteers will receive special benefits for their services.

The Foundation seeks volunteers with the following backgrounds:

art, art history, 
marketing ,
architecture theory and practice,
creative writing,
blog writing,
film and video,

Contact us for more information.  Call 847-309-6966, email